The Beginning of the End?

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It goes without saying the tireless effort that hospital staff, long term care facilities and so many healthcare professionals and nonhealthcare professionals have put into this effort. Everyone in almost every industry has made a sacrifice for us to get to this point. Astrazeneca-Oxford, Moderna, and Pfizer releasing their news about a vaccine and its effectiveness has been absolutley astonishing. We heard that the fastest vaccine to market was 3-4 years, and there were calls that it would take 12-16 months before we had a vaccine for a coronavirus ( To think that within 9 months we have 3 vaccines candidates that are over 70% effective, 94.5% effective and 95% effective, respectively ( It will be interesting to read how this came together so quickly when we look back on it however I think that it goes without saying – a collective sigh of relief for returning to normalcy.

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I realizethat there’s so much work that needs to be done before we get to this point. A strong coordinated effort by many organizations for us to get to the finish line. Being in a hospital setting I know that all staff are stressed to the max trying to help others. It’s been an all hands on deck – everyone has mobilized for one common goal – to serve others. I’ve seen some unfortuante cases over the past few months and especially the past week, however I think one thing that I’ve loved in this hospital and will always remember is the hospital staff from physicians, nurses, therapists, volunteers, non-clinicians and so many other great people who gave everything they had each day. We may not feel the best, we may get stressed out – but it’s the teamwork and remembering why we do what we do that keeps us motivated. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for the coronavirus, however I hope that the teamwork and working relationships that we gained continue after this is all said and done.

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